Global Room Distribution System

Global room distribution system to raise your revenues and streamline all your channel management tasks.

The hospitality sector is continually bustling with action. Even on the most easy-going days, it is very tiresome to manage online global room distribution system manually. It becomes close to impossible to stay on top of your booking management during the peak seasons without a proper tool to help you out.

To help you manage various booking channels, we offer Pure Consolidate which gives you a single pool of inventory for managing all your reservations with global room disribution system in one place.

It also increases your online visibility and helps you carve a name for your own brand.

Our global room distribution system lets you access your hotel booking engine, OTAs, and all other channels in one place saving a lot of your time and other resources. The user-friendly and convenient front office gives you complete control of your reservations.

Detailed analytics and reports provided by our global room distribution system lets you track your all your booking growth and helps you make data-driven decisions in the future!

Importantly, it will completely delight your staff and boost their productive hours.

Cash in the numerous benefits of the best global room distribution system for hotels

One-stop to simplify and centralise bookings across all channels.

Global Room Distribution System-2

Increases hotel room occupancy

Our hotel channel manager updates all your hotel inventory details across all your connected OTA channels, hotel global room distribution system and also your website booking engine to boost sales and room occupancy.

Accurate rate management

Our Channel Manager detects rate fluctuations and converts currencies instantly which guarantees rate accuracy across all the channels.

Interfaces with multiple device screens

Manage your bookings and reservations from anywhere you want! Our global room distribution system interfaces with all types of screens like tablets and smartphones giving you the freedom to oversee your bookings and reservations from anywhere you like!

Promotes online presence

Our Channel Manager promotes your online presence by connecting you to a huge number of channels, OTAs and other inventories, all in real time!

Hotel Channel Manager

Manage all your global rooms' distribution from a single dashboard

We offer you single dashboard management to streamline all your bookings coming from various channels like OTA channels and global room distribution systems. It also syncs all your direct bookings to prevent overbookings of your hotel rooms. It updates the real-time status of your hotel room occupancy so that you never miss out any selling opportunity.

You can quickly sell your last minute cancellations and ensure increased room occupancy rates with our global room distribution syetm. This allows you to manage your hotel room occupancy effectively.

You can effortlessly boost your room occupancy and keep your business booming even during low demand period.

Forget all about overbooking and fears of last minute cancellations. With Pure Consolidate you have all your selling opportunities in sight!

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Capitalize your complete hotel inventory for maximum revenues

With our global room distribution system, you share one inventory across all channels which give you centralized control of your reservations and bookings across all the channels. Maximize your hotel room bookings by opening up to various channels which you can now manage on a single dashboard effortlessly.

You can easily freeze your live inventory if there is a need for extra rooms for special events or group bookings. With instant real-time updates, you will rarely run the risk of overbooking.

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Instant currency rate updates to provide accurate prices

Managing your rates and revenue was never so easy! You can instantly update all your price changes across all channels instantly. It not only saves you from rate parity issues but also raises your ranking on the OTAs, which ultimately brings you more bookings. With Pure Consolidate, you make the most of all your booking opportunities.

You can pre-plan multiple rate plans for different seasons, festivals, events, weeks and even days with our global room distribution system. You can readily offer special seasonal deals and special offers on various OTAs.

Our Channel Manager detects rate fluctuations and converts currencies instantly which guarantees rate accuracy across all the channels.

Have an informed control over your hotel global rooms distribution cost by being up-to-date with your competitors’ prices as rates with rate spider.

Real-time price updates to ensure rate parity across all channels

You can manage your bookings and reservations from any place you like with a device that connects to the Internet. Our global room distribution system interfaces with all types of device screens like smartphones and tablets which gives you the liberty to update prices and rates from anywhere you like!

It boosts your online presence by connecting you to a large number of channels and ensures rate parity by updating every information in real time! Moreover, you get detailed analytics of each and every parameter in a flash so that you can strategize your future plans backed by accurate data and reports.

Hotel Channel Manager

Seamless integration with all types of hotel management tools for well-Organised management

To provide you with uninterrupted services to you, our channel manager comes packed with seamless integration with other hotel management tools like hotel PMS and online booking engine. Details updated on any of these systems are synced in by the channel manager in real time.

You don't have to lift a finger to make duplicate entries in any of the systems you need. All the information can be easily synced in by using our global room distribution system which reduces a lot of workload off your staff and boosts their productivity.

We give you a seamless connection with unlimited numbers of channels. No matter how many channels you join, we offer you real-time connectivity.

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